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Food Safety Law

Price: $539.00
For those not acquainted with my neighborhood, Food Safety Law will help you navigate the roads and give suggestions of areas of town to avoid. For th [more info..]

Green Buildings: Law, Contract and Regulation

Price: $572.00
Local and state governments are increasingly adopting mandates requiring green construction. Lenders commonly insert green requirements into mortgages [more info..]

Outsourcing: Law and Business

Price: $578.00

Law of Advertising, Marketing and Promotions, The

Price: $560.00
This is a great resource for anyone working in advertising law, and will also save a ton in Westlaw charges if you hand it over to associates just lea [more info..]

Appellate Practice in Federal and State Courts

Price: $567.00
A new Bible' for appellate practice.... Part treatise, part do-it-yourself manual, and part map of the road through an appeal. Luther Munford, The App [more info..]

Entertainment Law: Forms and Analysis

Price: $560.00
Creativity lies at the heart of the entertainment industry, and choosing the most profitable legal and business strategy is an art as well. Entertainm [more info..]

Wage & Hour Collective and Class Litigation

Price: $561.00
Given the recent explosion of wage and hour litigation, both management- and plaintiff-side attorneys will find this publication to be an invaluable r [more info..]

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Compliance, Investigations and Enforcement

Price: $561.00
Passed in the wake of the Watergate Scandal and enforced only sporadically for two decades, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has emerged as a potent [more info..]

The America Invents Act AIA Handbook: A Guide to the Patent Law Reform of 2011: 2015 Edition

Price: $329.00

Hedge Funds: Formation, Operation and Regulation

Price: $600.00

Social Media Law

Price: $600.00

United States Export Controls 7th Edition

Price: $600.00

Protecting Intellectual Property in the Age of Employee Mobility: Forms and Analysis

Price: $549.00

Winning at Trial: Insights from the Bench and Leading Litigators

Price: $329.00

Section 337 Investigations: Unfair Trade Practice Litigation Before the ITC

Price: $329.00

Discretionary Tax and Economic Incentives

Price: $329.00
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