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Business Immigration Law: Strategies For Employing Foreign Nationals

Price: $715.00

Intellectual Property Law: Damages and Remedies

Price: $732.00

Directors and Officers Liability: Prevention, Insurance and Indemnification

Price: $699.00

Health Care Benefits Law

Price: $759.00

Fund Governance: Legal Duties of Investment Company Directors

Price: $737.00

Federal Tax Litigation

Price: $743.00
Tax lawyers across the country have at least one thing in common the feeling of frustration when trying to figure out the hows and whys of IRS action [more info..]

Consumer Financial Services

Price: $715.00

Public Companies

Price: $748.00
In the wake of corporate scandals and diminished confidence in business and the financial markets, the need has never been greater for a handbook deta [more info..]

Business Separation Transactions: Spin-Offs, Subsidiary IPOs and Tracking Stock

Price: $737.00

Employment Litigation

Price: $715.00

Education Law

Price: $732.00

Intellectual Property and Computer Crimes

Price: $737.00
A must-have desk reference.... A practical all-in-one legal resource on intellectual property and computer crimes....  The Vermont Bar Journal Wr [more info..]

Advanced Private Equity Term Sheets and Series A Documents

Price: $924.00
If you have a desire to understand from top to bottom the terms of a private equity transaction and why each term/clause/section is negotiated in or o [more info..]

Drug and Medical Device Product Liability Deskbook

Price: $688.00
FDA-regulated products now account for an estimated one-fifth of overall economic activity in the U.S. They have also been the focus of a litigation e [more info..]

Intellectual Property Law Dictionary

Price: $693.00
This complete, one-stop lexicon of IP terminology helps you understand and apply the language of intellectual property in any situation. Designed for [more info..]

Corporate Criminal Liability and Prevention

Price: $743.00
A comprehensive, wide-ranging and balanced book on the topic of corporate criminality. John C. Coffee, Jr., Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law at Columbi [more info..]
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