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Matcha Whisk Stand Color

Price: $7.50
Keep your matcha whisk in top form with this porcelain whisk holder (or chasen-tate). Its tulip-like shape supports the whisk's tines in their ideal c [more info..]

Ohi'a Lehua Blossom Organic Hawaiian Honey

Price: $12.00
This organic, single-flower honey is not heated, filtered or blended, so it retains a thick, creamy texture and bold, milky, spicy flavor that are rar [more info..]

Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea

Price: $65.00
SUMMER 2014 HARVEST - Legend has it that Oriental Beauty was bestowed its poetic name by the Queen of England, but it is also known as Formosa White-T [more info..]

Passion Fruit Black Organic Tea

Price: $12.00
A delicious black tea blended with passion fruit and flowers. A classic when it comes to iced tea!This tea is certified USDA Organic.Your tea is hand [more info..]

Peppermint Organic Herbal Tea

Price: $13.00
Peppermint's chopped, aromatic leaves refresh the palate with their classic aroma and flavor. They brew into a clear, coppery infusion with a full, ch [more info..]

Cherry Bark Caddy - Polished - Small

Price: $45.00
A beautiful polished cherry bark caddy, with a stainless inside and double sealed lid. The smooth wooden knots give this caddy a rustic, traditional l [more info..]

Pyramid Tea Strainer

Price: $8.00
This 'tea ball' style infuser comes in a most unusual shape. Its base unfolds to accept tea. Its chain extends from its pointed peak and terminates wi [more info..]

Red Gold Jujube Tetsubin

Price: $100.00
This contemporary Japanese cast iron teapot, or tetsubin, is modeled after the drupe shape of a jujube and comes in a brushed matte, red-gold color. T [more info..]

Red Heart Tea Ball

Price: $5.00
This tea ball infuser is set apart by a heart-shaped, red, wooden charm at the end of its chain, to counter balance it's weight in the cup. Ideal for [more info..]

Red Hot Cinnamon Organic Black Tea

Price: $14.00
Our Red Hot black tea is a spicy and warming organic blend of Chinese black tea, pu er tea, cinnamon bits and Chinese long pepper. Dry, its aroma is d [more info..]

Red Vanilla Organic Rooibos Tea

Price: $15.00
Our Organic Red Vanilla is a extremely popular. It is an Organic blend of honey-sweet, woodsy rooibos needles and aromatic, creamy Madagascar bourbon [more info..]

Romanoff Organic Black Tea

Price: $16.00
A regal blend of lightly smoked organic Chinese black tea and blood orange. Romanoff is a powerful, rich tea with a tart, citrusy bite. A true Russian [more info..]

Round Wave Porcelain Caddy

Price: $11.25
Porcelain caddies make elegant additions to any kitchen or tea set. The caddy is bright white, with a wave or woven pattern, and a rubber sealed, bamb [more info..]

Royal Mandarin Organic White Tea

Price: $20.00
The sumptuous flavors of Mandarin oranges are merged with downy white tea buds in this regal blend. Tart, sweet and exotic, this aromatic white tea bl [more info..]

Ruby Black Tea

Price: $45.00
SUMMER 2014 HARVEST - From the shores of Sun Moon Lake in Nantou comes this rare exquisite black tea. Long lush twisted leaves resembling charred wood [more info..]

Samovar Blend Smoky Organic Black Tea

Price: $12.00
Samovar Blend is a boldly smoky, polarizing tea that has devoted legions of fans and plenty of people who simply do not care for it. A traditional Rus [more info..]
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