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Immortal Green Tea

Price: $17.00
In Taoism, peaches are considered to be an 'elixir of life, ' and there are stories of a peach tree that granted immortality to all who consumed its f [more info..]

Bamboo Matcha Tea Scoop

Price: $10.50
This 'chashaku' (matcha scoop) was hand-carved from bamboo in Japan. Scoops like this have been made and used for hundreds of years. A must for any ma [more info..]

Japanese Silken Fillable Teabags

Price: $4.00
We offer a limited range of our most popular teas in teabags, but these Japanese fillable teabags make brewing any of our whole-leaf teas easy. Made f [more info..]

Jasmine Pearls Organic Green Tea

Price: $0.38
We're sorry, this tea is temporarily out of stock due to seasonal availability. We might suggest trying Organic Grand Jasmine or Jasmine Silver Needle [more info..]

Kensington Premium English Breakfast Black Tea

Price: $32.00
Our super premium English style Breakfast blend is, like its namesake, urbane and luxurious. The malty brew is sophisticatedly smooth with a deep note [more info..]

Lavender Proven§al Organic Herbal Tea

Price: $16.00
Our Lavender Proven§al's tiny cream-violet buds hold all the fragrant intensity of the French Provence countryside they hail from. Their clear, peach- [more info..]

Lemon Drop Organic Black Tea

Price: $18.00
Lemon Drop is an organic blend of Chinese Black tea with a burst of lemon sunshine creating a distinctly modern take on the classic black tea with lem [more info..]

Licorice Root Organic Herbal Tea

Price: $12.00
Sweet, mellow, and woodsy, our Organic Licorice Root is known for its soothing and harmonizing effect. For those unfamiliar, licorice root has almost [more info..]

Linden Blossom Organic Herbal Tea

Price: $20.00
Linden has been used as a medicinal herbal tea for generations. It's leaves and blossoms impart a lightly lemony, brothy, nutty, rich taste and is a d [more info..]

Lychee Black Tea

Price: $14.00
Although lychee fruit is a fairly novel flavor in the U.S., it has been used to aromatize tea in China for ages. In the tradition of Chinese tea scent [more info..]

Thiashola Carrington Estate Organic Black Tea

Price: $16.00
Assam and Darjeeling are better known for their tea than the 'blue hills' of Southern India's Nilgiri region, but this is a spectacular tea nonetheles [more info..]

Cherry Bark Caddy - Unpolished - Medium

Price: $56.25
Unpolished cherry bark gives this Japanese tea caddy a rustic look and feel. The interior is double-walled stainless steel. A beautiful, traditional a [more info..]

Hand Hammered Stainless Tea Infuser Spoon

Price: $22.00
This spoon infuser is an elegant solution to loose tea steeping. Clean modern lines are accented by a light hand-hammered handle. Made in Japan of the [more info..]

Black Tea Select 6 Month Subscription

Price: $150.00
Once a month, for the following 6 months, you'll receive two of our 2 oz packaged teas in the mail. Starting with your first month, you'll also receiv [more info..]

Blueberry Rooibos Organic Tea

Price: $16.00
Blueberry Rooibos is an organic, sweet-tart, antioxidant-rich, caffeine-free infusion. Its deep, cedar- and burgundy-colored leaves are peppered with [more info..]

Blushing Berry Organic Black Tea

Price: $12.00
A mÌlange of red berries dominates the flavor profile of this artisan jam-inspired tea blend. A base of black tealeaves from Nilgiri, India is offset [more info..]
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