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Eva Solo Stainless Induction Kettle

Price: $250.00
The kettle will spare you the bother of cables and lime scale on heating coils. And when you use it on an induction cooker, the water reaches boiling [more info..]

Glass Infuser Mug

Price: $15.00
Every tea lover needs a trusted tea mug in which to make their favorite teas. Our signature infuser mug is that trusted item. Made from borosilicate g [more info..]

Glass Tea Mugs Set of 4

Price: $36.00
Every tea lover needs a trusted tea mug to enjoy their favorite teas. Our signature mugs can be those trusted items. Made from borosilicate glass, it' [more info..]

Gold u0026 Black Honeycomb Canister

Price: $11.25
The Japanese-made Gold u0026amp; Black HoneycombCanister features a geometric honeycomb and flowerpattern and is ideal for storing tea properly. The s [more info..]

Gold u0026 Black Smoke Canister

Price: $11.25
The Japanese-made Gold u0026amp; Black SmokeCanister features a geometricsmokepattern and is ideal for storing tea properly. The silicone-sealed lid k [more info..]

Golden Empress Mu Dan Blooming Green Tea

Price: $45.00
Savor a bouquet in your wine glass as this globe of hand-sewn, gently crimped green tealeaves slowly unfurls to reveal three brilliant, golden calendu [more info..]

Golden Needle Yunnan Organic Black Tea

Price: $0.65
High-altitude-grown Golden Needle Yunnan is considered to be one of the finest teas in the world. Ours is completely composed of big, downy, almost fl [more info..]

Good Mix

Price: $20.00
From our good friends at Valerie Confections, in collaboration with Commune Design, Good Mix began as a variation on chocolate granola, and ended up a [more info..]

Grand Jasmine Organic Green Tea

Price: $17.00
Grand Jasmine is an elegant jasmine-scented organic green tea comprised of waif-like leaves in colors ranging from green-black to dark French grey to [more info..]

Green Rooibos Organic Tea

Price: $12.80
Like Red Rooibos, our organic Green Rooibos is a totally unflavored rooibos. It is unoxidized, so it has a fresher, greener flavor and higher level of [more info..]

Hario Acrylic Stand u0026 Drip Tray

Price: $60.00
This acrylic stand and drip tray is designed for use with the Tea Steeping Globe, Pour Over Coffee Ceramic Cone, and for those who are scientifically [more info..]

Hario Cold Brew Teapot

Price: $25.00
A fun way to make iced tea with little effort. Simply throw in your tea, filtered water, and steep in the fridge! The lid is outfitted as a strainer, [more info..]

Hario Glass Teapot

Price: $30.00
This tempered glassware teapot was originally designed as a V60 coffee server but suits teaware excellently. It has a silicone lined lid that secures [more info..]

Hario Olive Wood Tea Press

Price: $65.00
An elegant french-press style teapot made from tempered glass, stainless steel, and polished olive wood. From Hario, a Japanese company well known wor [more info..]

Hario Scale u0026 Timer

Price: $65.00
Accurate to one tenth of a gram, this scale and timer can be used to dial in your favorite tea to the exact weight and time of steeping. A must-have f [more info..]

Hario Tea Globe Cube Stand

Price: $45.00
This acrylic cube-shaped stand is designed for use with the Tea Steeping Globe or the Pour Over Coffee Ceramic Cone. Simply place your cup or teapot u [more info..]
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