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Choco Latte Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $10.00
This sumptuous, caffeine-free, fat-free blend of organic cacao husks, organic vanilla beans and organic rooibos is an American Tea Room classic. If th [more info..]

Classic Tea Bento Box Collection

Price: $75.00
From the pure, unadorned flavors of Bao Zhong Royaleand Honyama Senchato the classic flavors of Earl Grey Shanghaito our signatures(Nirvana, Choco Lat [more info..]

Cilio Honey Dipper

Price: $11.25
Our Toscana Honey Dipper is handcrafted in Germany from beautiful pieces of olivewood. The wood comes from olive trees that are up to 500 years old an [more info..]

Classic Onishino Matcha Bowl

Price: $27.50
Traditional chawan - or matcha bowls - haven't changed their basic design and shape for hundreds of years. Our classic Onishino matcha bowl is no exce [more info..]

Coconut Oolong Tea

Price: $28.00
An oolong is the perfect middle ground for the blending of delicate flavors and our Coconut Oolong proves the rule. Beginning with a Taiwanese Bao Zho [more info..]

Copper Akagane Japanese Kettle

Price: $450.00
This stunning Japanese-made Copper (Akagane) Tea Kettle is a welcome addition to any kitchen. Incredibly lightweight, the conductive copper exterior a [more info..]

Green Tea Bento Box Collection

Price: $75.00
For the green tea lovers out there, or those just getting into tea, our Green Tea Bento Box is the perfect starting point.Some of our most popular pur [more info..]

Desert Turquoise Matcha Bowl

Price: $42.50
Traditional chawan - or matcha bowls - haven't changed their basic design and shape for hundreds of years. Our classic Desert Turquoise matcha bowl is [more info..]

Doublemint Organic Rooibos Tea

Price: $15.00
A South African organic 'red bush, ' Rooibos (caffeine free) herbal blended with organic spearmint and peppermint make this tea doubly minty fresh - p [more info..]

Red Tea Bento Box Collection

Price: $75.00
This collection is free of caffeine and full of taste. Completely herbal and tea-free, it's the perfect nighttime complement. Wide-ranging in flavor a [more info..]

Earl Grey Lavender Organic Black Tea

Price: $22.00
Earl Grey Lavender is a Victorian delight. Large, organic black tea leaves from Yunnan are blended with abundant lavender blossoms and pure bergamot e [more info..]

Earl Grey Rooibos Organic Tea

Price: $16.00
Earl Grey Rooibos is a completely caffeine-free blend for those who love Earl Grey, but do not want even an inkling of caffeine. Copper and burgundy S [more info..]

Earl Grey Sencha Green Tea

Price: $18.00
This unusual, appealing twist on a classic British tea is a connoisseur's Earl Grey. Forest-green leaves with flecks of lime and spring green are imbu [more info..]

Gold u0026 Black Arrow Canister

Price: $11.25
The Japanese-made Gold u0026amp; Black Arrow Canister features a geometric arrow quill pattern and is ideal for storing tea properly. The silicone-sea [more info..]

2 - Cup Salam Teapot Black

Price: $125.00
Form meets function in black porcelain and chrome. No wonder these French modern teapots by Guy Degrenne are a customer favorite! This classically sha [more info..]

En Shi Jade Dew Organic Green Tea

Price: $250.00
This very rare, extraordinary tea has a long history in Hubei, China and is thought to be a precursor to Japanese sencha teas, due to a light steaming [more info..]
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