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Black Rain Water Tea Cup

Price: $5.00
This black tea cup is handmade in Japan and echoes rain drops speckled on garden stone at nighttime. Height: 3.25'Diameter: 2.50

Black Tea Bento Box Collection

Price: $75.00
Our most popular black teas are combined for an exploration in terroir and flavor in the Black Tea Collection. It includes unflavored, pure black teas [more info..]

Breville Revive Organic Tea Cleaner

Price: $13.00
For those who have a favorite teapot or kettle, the problem is familiar -- after years or even months of regular use, the tannins of your favorite tea [more info..]

Breville Variable Temperature IQ Pure Kettle

Price: $150.00
The IQ Pure Kettle is the kettle that knows the ideal temperature for tea or coffee and highlights the natural purity of glass. Built with a soft open [more info..]

Brioche Free Organic Herbal Tea

Price: $14.00
An organic, caffeine free version of our best selling Brioche black tea. The warming aromatics of nuts and spices lift out of your cup as if blown thr [more info..]

Brioche Organic Black Tea

Price: $15.00
Brioche's astoundingly decadent aroma and flavor make it one of our best sellers. Even the dry leaves perfectly capture the spicy-sweet aroma of a Par [more info..]

Calypso Organic Black Tea

Price: $17.00
Tea doesn't get much more tropical than Calypso -- our organic blend of Chinese black teas, pineapple and coconut slivers. Its deep russet brew combin [more info..]

Cape Town Chai Organic Rooibos Tea

Price: $15.00
A caffeine-free, herbal blend of sweet chai spices, including ginger, cinnamon, clove, star anise, fennel, green cardamom, black peppercorn, and 100% [more info..]

Cat Mug with Leaf Hat

Price: $35.00
The cutest tea mug you'll ever need. A curled up black cat sits and patiently and waits for your tea to be drunk. A leaf hat keeps the aroma and tempe [more info..]

Cat Paw Mug

Price: $25.00
This delightful black porcelain tea mug is the purr-fect way to enjoy your tea. The bright pink paw print acts as buffer on on your table and is charm [more info..]

Cat Tail Mug

Price: $24.00
A whimsical hand made porcelain tea cup featuring a black cat and his kitty friend playing with pink yarn. The tail is the handle and that is sheer pu [more info..]

Gold u0026 Black Diamond Canister

Price: $11.25
The Japanese-made Gold u0026amp; Black DiamondCanister features a geometric diamondpattern and is ideal for storing tea properly. The silicone-sealed [more info..]

Celtic Blend Organic Breakfast Black Tea

Price: $12.00
Our Celtic Blend is aclassic Irish Breakfast black tea done one better. Its compact leaves produce an impressively big, bold flavor that's great on it [more info..]

Rock Candy Sugar Swizzle Sticks

Price: $3.00
Three rock sugar sticks. Ideal for lightly sweetening your tea to your preferred sweetness.

Arya Pearl 2016 First Flush Darjeeling Organic White Tea

Price: $80.00
SPRING 2016 HARVEST -- White teas from Darjeeling are relatively rare in any given year. This year's Arya Pearl First Flush Organic White Darjeeling i [more info..]

Cherry Bark Caddy - Unpolished - Small

Price: $45.00
A beautiful unpolished cherry bark caddy, with a stainless inside and double sealed lid. The rough wooden knots give this caddy a rustic, traditional [more info..]
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