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The Producer Gift Set

Price: $250.00
American Tea Room's first location is in the heart of Beverly Hills, and it's no secret that in Los Angeles, gift giving is a standard. In honor of ou [more info..]

Umi No Awa 'Seafoam' Matcha Bowl

Price: $37.50
This matcha bowl, or chawan, has the pallor of the sea crashing into the shore and the foamy bubbles that follow. It's bright blue-green color will ma [more info..]

V-Neck Glass Mug

Price: $9.00
In an effort to bring a touch of our unique style to the classic tea mug, we've custom designed one. Sleek and elegant, our V-Neck Glass Mug was inspi [more info..]

V-Shape Double Walled Tea Cups Set of 2

Price: $11.25
Our double-walled v-shape tea glasses are the picturesque way to serve tea. The double-walled glass construction keeps the outside of the glass cool t [more info..]

Verveine Lemon Verbena Organic Herbal Tea

Price: $15.00
An herbal infusion traditionally known for its digestive properties - Verveine or Lemon Verbena is refreshing and light citrus notes. This highly arom [more info..]

White Citron Organic White Tea

Price: $25.00
When one thinks of light and refreshing, one very well might think of White Citron. A high quality Chinese white tea with a rich body and natural flor [more info..]

White Striped Black Shima Cup

Price: $11.25
This sophisticated Japanese Shima cup features an elegant black and white stripe design on its exterior and an interior glaze that mimics mother of pe [more info..]

Wild Horses Calligraphy Matcha Bowl

Price: $50.00

Wooden Palate Tea Service Tray

Price: $275.00
We've worked with our friends over at The Wooden Palate for years, going so far as to have them design and craft our full tea bar at our multiple loca [more info..]

Yongde Wild Arbor Ripe Pu Er

Price: $20.00
For the first time ever, American Tea Room has sourced and packaged our own signature Pu Er cakes from Yunnan, China. The Yongde Wild Arbor Pu Er is a [more info..]

Zingiber Organic Herbal Tea

Price: $17.00
The Zingiber family is home to many plants we use every day, including ginger, turmeric, and cardamom. Our Zingiber tea is a spicy, sweet, rich combin [more info..]

Kyo Komon Blue Sakura Mug

Price: $30.00
The Kyo Komon Sakura Mug is a beautiful piece to add to your tea collection. Sloped in a slight triangular shape, the exterior is printed with a blue [more info..]

La Vie En Rose Organic White Tea

Price: $26.00
La Vie En Rose is a must for anyone who loves roses. It's a joyously sweet and enticing blend of Bai Mu Dan-style white tealeaves (a combination of si [more info..]

Lapsang Souchong Smoked Black Tea

Price: $14.00
Lapsang Souchong is a boldly smoky, polarizing tea that has devoted legions of fans and plenty of people who simply do not care for it. If you love ci [more info..]

Lavender Sencha Green Tea

Price: $18.00
Deep green Japanese sencha leaves are accented with tiny pink and violet lavender blossoms in a blend that is at once fresh and classic. The brew is a [more info..]

Matte Black Jujube Tetsubin

Price: $150.00
This contemporary Japanese cast iron teapot, or tetsubin, is modeled after the drupe shape of a jujube and comes in a brushed matte black color. The p [more info..]
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