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Pure White Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $14.00
Pure White is our signature organic white tea from China. What one would consider a 'Bai Mu Dan' or 'white peony' white tea, the brew is smooth and de [more info..]

Matcha Whisk Stand Black

Price: $11.25
Keep your matcha whisk in top form with this porcelain whisk holder (or chasen-tate). Its tulip-like shape supports the whisk's tines in their ideal c [more info..]

Sleeping Beauty Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $12.00
Sweet dreams are made from this wonderful organic blend of valerian root, mint, chamomile blossoms, forest berries, rose petals and a rich sprinkling [more info..]

Bao Zhong Royale 2015 Oolong Tea

Price: $30.00
SUMMER 2015 HARVEST - Thanks to its incredibly sweet, floral taste, Bao Zhong Royale is an artisanal oolong with mass appeal. At around ten percent ox [more info..]

Glass Matcha Bowl

Price: $18.75
Matcha bowls, or chawan, come in many shapes and sizes; short and small, big and tall, thicker for winter, thinner for summer. But in our travels, we' [more info..]

Genmaicha Organic Green Tea

Price: $0.14
Many Genmaichas taste overwhelmingly of toasted rice. Aside from the obvious graininess and perhaps some nuttiness, there isn't much to say about them [more info..]

Triangle Black Signature Canister

Price: $5.00
After extensive planning and research, we've developed a brand new, patented way of shaping storage canisters into a triangular shape. This serves a f [more info..]

White Citron Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $12.00
White Citron is a refreshing organic Chinese white tea blended with lemon peel and lemon verbena. The light lemon citrus notes are bright and sweet ra [more info..]

Matcha Starter Set

Price: $80.00
American Tea Room makes preparing matcha simple with our Matcha Starter Set. Included is our most popular Premium Organic Matcha, our beautifully simp [more info..]

Arya Royal Moonbeam Second Flush Darjeeling Organic Black Tea

Price: $45.00
JUNE2015 HARVEST -- As usual, Darjeeling's famedArya Estate has wowed us with their teas, this time a Second Flush black tea. Harvested at the beginni [more info..]

Masala Chai Organic Black Tea

Price: $15.00
Masala Chai is a classic Indian blend of bold, chopped Nilgiri black tea leaves and spicy bits of ginger, fragrant cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, and [more info..]

Ochre Tea Mug

Price: $18.00
A petite, Japanese ceramic mugemblazonedwith a beautiful ochre glaze. The short, square bottomlets this cup restcomfortablyin your cup and the size is [more info..]

Ochre Lidded Porcelain Teapot

Price: $25.00
A petite, Japanese porcelain teapot emblazoned with a beautiful ochre glazed lid. The flattened top, rounded bottom, and angular spout lets this teapo [more info..]

Origin Collection Bento Box

Price: $150.00
The Origin CollectionBentoset from American Tea Room features eight distinct pure teas from eight distinct tea growing regions. Each single estate loo [more info..]

Pu Er Imperial 2006 Organic Tea

Price: $30.00
Our organic Pu Er Imperial is characterized by an abundance of cocoa-colored buds. Both in the leaf and the Chianti-colored brew, it has a rich, earth [more info..]

Sweet Matcha Mix

Price: $15.00
Make delicious green tea smoothies, pastries, and ice cream at home with our cane sugar sweetened matcha mix. A rich and energizing treat.
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