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Earl Grey Darjeeling Organic Black Tea

Price: $16.00
The champagne of Earl Grey's made entirely of fine Darjeeling black tea and scented with fine bergamot. A fresh balanced classic. A little woodier tha [more info..]

Genmaimatcha Organic Green Tea

Price: $0.17
Whereas Genmaicha is a low-caffeine alternative to other Japanese greens, Genmaimatcha cranks up the caffeine (and the antioxidants and flavor) with t [more info..]

Gift Wrap style may vary due to size

Price: $7.50

Kabuki Spring Harvest Japanese Green Tea

Price: $0.45
SPRING 2015 HARVEST -- This tea blends exquisite, rare, shade-grown kabuse green tea from southern Japan with the Spring season's sakura (cherry) blos [more info..]

Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

Price: $0.32
We're sorry, this tea is temporarily out of stock due to seasonal availability. We might suggest trying Dong Ding Oolong Teaor Milk Oolong Tea. Or sim [more info..]

Arya Diamond 2015 First Flush Darjeeling Organic Semi-Oxidized Tea

Price: $30.00
SPRING 2015 HARVEST -- This Organic lightly oxidized tea was harvested in April 2015 and received the highest rating in its class: SFTGFOP1. The Arya [more info..]

Bancha Organic Green Tea

Price: $12.00
Bancha is the everyday drinking tea of Japan. Found in most households, it's the tea you would turn to for comfort or nostalgia. Bancha is made from t [more info..]

Chamomile Blossoms Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $10.00
From Croatia, our entirely organic whole chamomile blossoms pack a sweet and nutty flavor, with a golden, heavenly aroma famous for its calming qualit [more info..]

Earl Grey Shanghai Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $10.00
Our organic Earl Grey Shanghai uses a Yunnan black tea base for a traditional yet intoxicatingly smooth flavor. Large, well-oxidized leaves and silver [more info..]

Fukamushi Shizuoka 2015 Green Tea

Price: $32.50
SPRING 2015 HARVEST - Fukamushi Shizuoka is a limited-quantity, spring harvest tea from Shizuoka, Japan. The glistening jade leaves of this rare tea a [more info..]

Grand Jasmine Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $10.00
Grand Jasmine is an elegant jasmine-scented organic green tea comprised of waif-like leaves in colors ranging from green-black to dark French grey to [more info..]

Lychee Rose Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $10.00
A lovely balance of floral and fruity - Lychee Rose is an understated blend of organic black Chinese Tea with lychee fruit and rose petals. The liquor [more info..]

Marrakesh Moroccan Mint Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $10.00
Marrakesh is our own Moroccan mint green tea, based on a tradition dating back to the days of the Silk Road. It is a blend of spearmint leaves and tig [more info..]

Masala Chai Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $10.00
Masala Chai is a classic Indian blend of bold, chopped Nilgiri tea leaves and spicy bits of ginger, cinnamon, coriander, allspice, and green cardamom. [more info..]

Notting Hill English Breakfast Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $10.00
Notting Hill is an organic, classic, English style Breakfast black tea blend of leaves and buds from Assam and Yunnan. The deep copper-garnet brew hav [more info..]

Pure Green Organic Tea Sachets

Price: $12.00
Most Japanese teas, even if grown under organic standards, don't work with the USDA to certify them as organic. For a while, we've searched for a trul [more info..]
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