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24'' Bulb Auger

Price: $26.99
Make bulb planting easy. Both models fit any 3/8'' or 1/2'' drill. Small size (9'' Bulb Auger, item# 8006) makes holes 6'' deep and 1 3/4'' in diamete [more info..]

Riot of Color Wildflowers

Price: $12.99
You get our jumbo packet of ALL wildflower seeds without the cost of fancy packages or non-seed fillers. Our jumbo packet contains over 20 different v [more info..]

Pyramid Garden

Price: $39.99
You can have a terraced garden in approximately 6 feet of space for vegetables, flowers, or both and Pyramid Garden will hold 50 strawberry plants. Ea [more info..]

Quinault Strawberry

Price: $10.49
Here is a great tasting, heavy bearing, everbearing strawberry developed by Washington State University. It is well on its way to being the greatest p [more info..]

Better Boy Hybrid Tomato

Price: $5.75
The Better Boy Hybrid Tomato is a disease tolerant plant that produces fruit in the 1 pound range all season. High yields when grown on stakes or spra [more info..]

Giant Beefmaster Hybrid Tomato

Price: $5.49
Remember those delicious-tasting Giant Beefsteak tomatoes you used to enjoy The Hybrid Beefmaster looks and tastes just like them -- EXCEPT they produ [more info..]

Hydrangea Tree

Price: $3.98
What a breathtaking sight! In mid-summer this color-changing Hydrangea Tree is covered with masses of snow-white flowers. In late summer, the flowers [more info..]

Rose of Sharon Hedge 1-2

Price: $4.99
Delightful red, white or purple hibiscus-shaped flowers blossom each summer in a lifetime of natural beauty. Rose of Sharon Hedge is a practical, love [more info..]

3-N-1 Rose of Sharon Tree

Price: $7.99
You'll enjoy this old-fashioned favorite that bears an abundance of large, hibiscus blossoms in three different colors: red, white and blue. Rose of S [more info..]

Weeping Potted Cherry

Price: $5.99
The Weeping Potted Cherry tree is so delicate and graceful, it could be considered a work of art. In spite of its delicate looks, it is one of the har [more info..]

Rose of Sharon Hedge 2 1/2 - 4

Price: $4.99
Delightful red, white or purple hibiscus-shaped flowers blossom each summer for a lifetime of natural beauty. Rose of Sharon Hedge is a practical, lov [more info..]

Glowing Embers Hydrangea

Price: $6.49
Now you can enjoy the beauty of a Red Hydrangea that blooms a true red regardless of soil pH. It brings a hot glowing red beauty to your yard in summe [more info..]

Double Hollyhock

Price: $4.98
A Royal Horticultural Society prize winner!Here is a beauty you can't afford to miss. If you enjoyed the old-fashioned single Hollyhocks in Grandma's [more info..]

Red Robin Hood Rose

Price: $9.99
Robin Hood Rose (also called Mediterranean Musk Rose) has delicate, fragrant, long-lasting blooms that grow in colorful clusters. Each cluster has 20- [more info..]

Double Pink Knock Out? Rose

Price: $25.99
Carefree beauty has 2 1/2 to 3 1/2'' pretty pink double blooms in late spring and explodes with color until fall. Extremely hardy and drought tolerant [more info..]

Red-White-Blue Hydrangea Collection

Price: $17.50
Red, White and Blue Hydrangea Collection!One Collection includes: 1 Red , 1 White and 1 Blue plant.
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