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Niagara Grape

Price: $4.99
Another grape specially selected for the North, the white Niagara is a chance seedling of the Concord. It has the hardiness and productivity of its pa [more info..]

Catawba Grape

Price: $4.99
Catawba Grape is a late season grape, specially selected for the North, produces not only highly prized jams and jellies but fine red wines and champa [more info..]

Perennial Collection

Price: $9.99
Includes: 3 each of Black-Eyed Susans and Purple Coneflower.

Giant Double Peony

Price: $5.99
Nothing equals the peony for Memorial Day decorations!The Double Giant Peony provides dozens of large, gorgeous blooms on a 3' plant that thrives in a [more info..]

Red-White-Blue Grape Collection

Price: $12.99
This versatile and colorful northern grape collection includes 1 vine each of Catawba (red), Niagara (white) and Concord (blue).

Serpent Armenian Cucumber

Price: $0.99
64 days. Long, slim, green fruits sometimes reach a length of 4' and coil into realistic snake-like shapes. Tastes like a cucumber, but is actually a [more info..]

Purple Top White Globe Turnip

Price: $0.79
Flesh is pure white, tender and fine grained. Heavy yielder and keeps well throughout the winter. Matures in 57 days.Planting guide: Sow 1/2 inch deep [more info..]

Charleston Watermelon

Price: $1.00
Charleston Watermelons have a deep red flesh that is solid, extra sweet and super delicious. Oblong gray-green melons grow to 40 pounds. High quality, [more info..]

Hybrid Poplar, Shade 3-4' Tall

Price: $17.99
Why wait 10-15 years for regular trees to shade your home These beautifully-shaped, majestic trees (Hybrid Poplar) will shade a 1-story house in just [more info..]

Dixie Queen Watermelon

Price: $1.19
Flesh is rich red, firm, crisp and exceptionally sweet. Melons average 40 pounds! Mature in 75 days. 1 oz. plants 25 hills.Planting guide: Plant after [more info..]

Screen Hybrid Tall 3-4' Poplar

Price: $17.99
Why wait 10-15 years for regular trees to shade your home These beautifully shaped, majestic trees (Hybrid Poplar) will shade a 1-story house in just [more info..]

Black Diamond Watermelon

Price: $0.69
Excellent late season home garden variety. Flesh is bright red, firm and sweet. A large, nearly round melon. Grow to 40 pounds. Black Diamond Watermel [more info..]

Earli-dew Honeydew

Price: $8.99
80 days. The Earli-dew Honeydew is an early maturing melon for northern gardeners that has exquisite flavor. It has smooth, green-gold skin with lime- [more info..]

Victoria Rhubarb

Price: $2.29
Super delicious! Our Victoria Rhubarb is a vigorous grower, producing giant stalks up to two feet long. The tender skin, which requires no peeling, is [more info..]

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Price: $0.79
Just as their name suggests, these crisp, sweet dark red fleshed melons are sure to please. This ''icebox'' watermelon has crisp and wonderfully sweet [more info..]

Yellow Doll Watermelon

Price: $5.99
The Yellow Doll Watermelon is an earlier, more productive watermelon with fewer seeds and is sweeter than red icebox types. It matures in 68 days. 1 o [more info..]
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