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Bushel Gourd

Price: $1.79
The Bushel Gourd is a colossal sized gourd that measures 3-5' in diameter! Fruits weigh from 25-50 pounds each with reports of some getting up to 100 [more info..]

German Giant Radish

Price: $1.00
German Giant Radish is a mild tasting radish that can be harvested at marble size or let go to get as big as baseballs! Remains mild, sweet and crispy [more info..]

Giant Jersey Asparagus

Price: $9.99
Predominately male variety produces high yields of very big speared asparagus. Jersey Giant is one of the earliest asparagus to emerge in the spring. [more info..]

Castor Bean

Price: $3.89
Amazing, giant leaves make Castor Bean an attractive alternative for screening. Plants grow up to 12 feet tall. Many of our gardening friends tell us [more info..]

Stringless Blue Lake Bean

Price: $2.79
An improved Blue Lake Pole Bean! Early maturing variety has sparse foliage, which allows easier picking. Dark green 6 1/2'' pods are round, smooth, ve [more info..]

Green Arrow Pea

Price: $0.99
Main crop pea bred for the elite home and market grower trade. Yields more peas (9-11) per pod than any other variety. Disease resistant. Holds well u [more info..]

Honeoye Strawberry

Price: $6.99
This excellent variety released by the New York State Agriculture Experimental Station ripens early mid-season. Honeoye Strawberry plants are vigorous [more info..]

Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach

Price: $0.69
39 days. Very early, vigorous, hardy, erect plants. Savory type leaves, large, thick, dark glossy green. Quick growing, slow to run to seed.

Savor Cantaloupe

Price: $5.49
Unique French Charentais type cantaloupe. One of the best tasting melons has orange flesh. Small sized melons weigh 2-2 1/2 pounds and won't go to was [more info..]

Sugar Maple 3-4

Price: $12.29
The fiery, scarlet-orange fall foliage makes the real show. Nothing compares to the intense fall color of the Sugar Maple. This fine specimen grows to [more info..]

3-N-1 Citrus

Price: $9.99
An unbeatable houseplant that will piqu&eacute; visitor's curiosity and delight their taste buds. The 3-N-1 Citrus plant is a very easy to grow plant. [more info..]

Dwarf Orange Citrus

Price: $5.99
You can expect four to six bright full-sized 2'' fruits on our two-year-old trees and more on older ones. The Dwarf Orange is a charming tropical hous [more info..]

Dwarf Tangerine Citrus

Price: $5.99
Grow your own 2-4'' tangerines. This Citrus makes a good container plant with handsome, bright green foliage. Bears small juicy fruit that ripens thro [more info..]

Indoor Juniper

Price: $6.99
Trees don't necessarily have to be big for you to enjoy them. Here's a miniature Indoor Juniper tree that grows no more than 18'' tall. It is the indo [more info..]

Trailing Gardenia

Price: $5.99
Now enjoy the rare beauty of the Fragrant Trailing Gardenia growing on the graceful trailing stems of the ivy. These giant, white blooms have a pearl- [more info..]

Banana Plant

Price: $6.99
The Dwarf Musa Banana is a fast-growing plant that grows 5-6' tall and has big, shapely, leathery-looking leaves. It usually bears tasty, yellow 5'' b [more info..]
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