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Christmas Yellow Cactus

Price: $4.49
This rare Christmas Yellow Cactus is a real break-through. The shiny, many-petalled, tubular flowering tips are a delicate, lemony-yellow. It has shin [more info..]

Grand Duke Kohlrabi

Price: $2.29
50 days. Small plants produce smooth, round, 4 inch bulbs with mild flavor, Texture is crisp and pleasing when cooked. Does not become fibrous. Resist [more info..]

Burpee's Stringless Bush Bean

Price: $1.15
50 days. American gardeners just love this bean. And what's not to love Excellent stringless variety is highly valued for its flavor. 6'' pods are ent [more info..]

Gourmet Blend Lettuce

Price: $0.79
70 days. Fast growing blend of 10 different lettuce varieties. Varieties were all selected for their good flavor and are all bitter free under normal [more info..]

Envy Carrot

Price: $2.49
You'll be the envy of the neighborhood when you grow this carrot. Early to mid-season variety is cylindrical in shape with blunt tips. Good size carro [more info..]

Watermelon Radish

Price: $1.39
22-24 days. Very large white radish is a standout on the relish tray with its pink and red flesh. Great tasting heirloom has large tops for easy picki [more info..]

Black Zucchini

Price: $1.99
44 days. Black Zucchini has excellent dark-green skin and crisp white flesh. Very vigorous grower tastes best when fruits measure 6-8''.

Hot Pepper Mix

Price: $1.69
Why grow just one pepper when you can get five great varieites with our Hot Pepper Mix Our mixture consists of Jalapeno, Hungarian Hot Wax, Serrano, A [more info..]

Magnifisweet Muskmelon

Price: $4.69
Most people love to grow and eat big, luscious, juiicy extra sweet melons and that is exactly what you'll get with Magnifisweet. These delicious oval- [more info..]

Mr. Big Pea

Price: $1.89
Mr. Big is a really big deal in terms of pod size and huge berry size peas! The extra large pods measure about 4 1/2'' long by 1/2'' in diameter with [more info..]

Jubilee Sweet Corn

Price: $2.89
Jubilee Sweet Corn was a recent early-midseason all purpose hybrid. Excellent quality for roasting, canning or freezing. Deep narrow yellow kernels on [more info..]

Silver Queen Hybrid Sweet Corn

Price: $2.49
A very high sugar, extremely tender, white hybrid sweet corn. Sixteen rows of snowy white kernels on ears 8-9'' long. Tolerant to Southern Corn Leaf B [more info..]

Oregon Sugar Pod Pea

Price: $0.99
Oregon Sugar Pod II reliably produces lare yields of delicious snow peas. Extremely hardy variety delivers 4-5 inch pods -- many with double pods. One [more info..]

Pioneer Hybrid Cucumber

Price: $0.99
Pioneer Hybrid Cucumbers is a very productive all-female strain that is perfect for pickling or slicing. 5-6 inch fruits are straight and uniform in s [more info..]

California Wonder Sweet Pepper

Price: $0.69
75 days. California Wonder sets the standard by which all stuffing peppers are judged against. Fruits are deep green as they develop and turn brillian [more info..]

Tendersweet Carrot

Price: $0.99
Quite simply, Tendersweet is the sweetest carrot available. Large carrots measure 9-10'' long and are coreless. Extremely crispy making them perfect f [more info..]
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