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Yellow Delicious Standard Apple

Price: $9.99
America's favorite tapered apple. Firm textured, golden yellow skin. Good bearer. Apples are self-fruitful, but for greater yield, plant with another [more info..]

Jonathan Red Std Apple

Price: $9.99
An excellent cooking apple. Medium-sized, with yellow flesh and crisp texture. Apples are self-fruitful, but for greater yield, plant with another var [more info..]

Red Haven Standard Peach 1-3

Price: $9.99
The Red Haven Standard peaches boast a bright yellow-red fleshed freestone fruit. America's finest early variety! It is hardy and heavy bearing. Ripen [more info..]

Pixwell Gooseberry

Price: $3.79
This is a new variety of an old favorite. Pixwell Gooseberry is practically thornless with an unmatched flavor for pies and preserves. The fruit is ea [more info..]

Gigantic Kohlrabi

Price: $2.59
Approximately 130 days. The gigantic kohlrabi is globe shaped and can weigh in excess of 20 pounds. The flesh is tender, white in color and very mild [more info..]

Waltham Butternut Squash

Price: $0.99
95 days. AAS. More uniform size, shape and interior color than original Butternut and keeps longer. Fruits average 9 x 4 1/2''. Almost 90% solid meat [more info..]

Tomato Set Aerosol

Price: $9.99
This hormone type aerosol spray helps blossoms set fruit despite poor weather. Nearly every blossom will produce larger, meatier, almost seedless toma [more info..]

Rodent Sonic Solar Spike Repellent

Price: $27.99
Tested in our own gardens!Drives moles and gophers away without the use of chemicals or poisons. One of the most environmentally friendly repellents t [more info..]

1 pint Fish Fertilizer

Price: $12.49
Here's 100% organic (all fish) liquid plant food with no fish odor. Pint makes 32 gallons of plant food that's safe for leaf or root feeding of all pl [more info..]

Sunny Boy Tomato

Price: $1.79
Bright yellow 6 oz. fruits with few seeds. Very sweet flavor, fruits are globe shaped and firm plus will ship well. 70 days.

Sequoia Strawberry

Price: $8.99
Favorite of home gardeners!These luscious, red strawberries are extremely sweet. Many gardeners rate this as one of the tastiest berries around. Sequo [more info..]

Allstar Strawberry

Price: $6.99
Allstar bears in late midseason and produces berries actually as large as plums! Frost resistant. Excellent flavor with fruit that&rsquo;s big, firm, [more info..]
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