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Snow Puff Popcorn

Price: $1.79
Snow Puff is the best tasting and most tender popcorn ever. Hull-less too, and the huge size it expands to when popped will amaze you. A tremendous yi [more info..]

Purple Leaf Plum Hedge

Price: $5.99
The Purple Leaf Plum Hedge is a thick-growing, long-lived hedge that is sometimes called he Purple Leaf Sand Cherry. Produces bright red 3 inch leaves [more info..]


Price: $5.80
Forsythia is the earliest blooming shrub in the spring. Grows 9-11 feet high. Especially prized because its lovely golden flowers are in full bloom be [more info..]

Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry

Price: $4.99
Not only is Triple Crown thornless, but it produces some of the largest and firmest blackberries available. Delicious flavor. Very vigorous plants. Ri [more info..]

Perennial Bargain

Price: $9.99
Add beauty to your yard!Blooms year after year without replanting!Get a start of some of America's most popular perennials without spending a lot of m [more info..]

Detroit Dark Red Beet

Price: $0.89
Detroit Dark Red Beets are an extra deep dark red throughout. Good for greens, a fine bunching beet midseason and unexcelled for winter storage. Matur [more info..]


Price: $6.49
Chinese Wisteria is fragrant and fast-growing with colorful blooms. Drought resistant. This ornamental wonder is unusually dense with vigorous twining [more info..]

Cylindra Beet

Price: $0.89
Cylindra Beets have a sweet and tender with that melt-in-your-mouth flavor. Its cylindrical shape permits high productivity and especially adapts to s [more info..]

Ground Cover Daylily

Price: $9.97
A splendid, ''hands-off'' cover for steep slopes, banks and other hard-to-mow areas. The Ground Cover Daylily flourishes even in wooded areas and near [more info..]

Mint Mix Collection

Price: $9.99
Mint is a favorite flavoring! All three varieties we offer here are great additions to favorite culinary dishes or for making tea. Includes: 1 plant e [more info..]

Peaches & Cream 1/4 lb. Collection Corn

Price: $27.99
The tastiest sweet corn you have ever eaten!Stays in edible condition longer than any other variety!There are 2 strains of this most wonderful eating [more info..]

Dwarf Fruit Cocktail Tree

Price: $39.99
Pick 6 delicious varieties from this unusual tree! Plant our Fruit Cocktail Tree when you don't have room for an orchard. Pick nectarines, peaches, pl [more info..]

Josephine Clematis

Price: $19.99
Breathtakingly beautiful, Josephine has huge 4 1/2 - 5'' blooms all summer! This climber reaches 10-12' tall and prefers a sunny location. As the bloo [more info..]

Early Sunglow Corn

Price: $2.49
Early Sunglow with its high sugar content and slender cob was developed primarily for on-the-cob freezing. High resistance to frost and to cold, wet g [more info..]

Illinichief Corn

Price: $3.49
Actually twice as sweet as any other hybrid corn and the sweetness holds for several days after picking. Large 8 inch ears have 14 to 18 rows of rich, [more info..]

Strawberry Popcorn

Price: $1.79
Strawberry Popcorn are decorative and edible shiny little 2 inch ears that are rich in mahogany color with bright husks. Look like huge strawberries i [more info..]
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