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Purple Ice Plant

Price: $5.49
One of the finest drought-resistant ground covers available. Succulent foliage reaches only 3'' high and has daisy-like 2'' flowers that are a wonderf [more info..]

Purple D'Oro Daylily

Price: $4.48
The Purple D&rsquo;Oro daylily is a wonderfully colored reblooming daylily. You&rsquo;ll be thrilled with the first flush of 3'' purple blooms from Ju [more info..]

Gro-Nets 5 x 15

Price: $9.99
Our Gro-Nets provide a neat, space-saving way to garden and you get better quality fruit. Our trellis netting is easy to handle, light, and will last [more info..]

Gro-Nets 5 x 30

Price: $14.99
Our Gro-Nets provide a neat, space-saving way to garden and you get better quality fruit. Our trellis netting is easy to handle, light, and will last [more info..]

Soil Analyzer

Price: $31.99
This Soil Analyzer is a dual-purpose meter to test soil pH and fertilizer levels. Can be used both indoors and outdoors, on gardens, lawns and greenho [more info..]

Giant Grey Striped Sunflower

Price: $0.89
This giant sunflower has a tall stalk with a massive head. Giant Grey Striped Sunflowers may reach a height of 12 feet. The head will be approximately [more info..]

Improved Golden Sedum

Price: $4.99
One of the finest ground covers for sunny dry slopes and banks. The Improved Gold Sedum has masses of yellow star-shaped flowers that cover it in late [more info..]

Nugget Hop's Vine

Price: $9.49
Nugget Hop&rsquo;s Vine is an ultra fast climbing vine that can grow up to 25 feet in one season! Can be trained to grow on almost any kind of support [more info..]

Irish Moss

Price: $5.29
Irish Moss forms a lush emerald green carpet of moss-like foliage with delicate white flowers in midsummer. Hardy enough for sunny or shady locations. [more info..]

Improved Dragon's Blood Red Sedum

Price: $3.89
Rock gardens, borders, edging, under shady trees and steep banks will come alive with carefree color of the Creeping Red Sedum. 'Fulda Glow' is an imp [more info..]

Red Colossal Gooseberry

Price: $11.28
The Red Colossal Gooseberry is the largest of all gooseberries, measuring up to 1 1/2''. Bushes reach 5' high and wide and will bear 10 quarts per pla [more info..]

Scotch Pine

Price: $7.99
A favorite for Christmas and for planting as windbreaks. Starts out in pyramidal form, but eventually the lower branches disappear and the tree become [more info..]

Color in the Shade Garden

Price: $19.99
Color in the Shade Perennial Shade Garden combines shade-loving plants for under trees and they come back year after year without replanting!We're off [more info..]

Salad Bush Hybrid Cucumber

Price: $3.79
Salad Bush vines grow no more than 18 inches long, yet produce firm, straight, 6 1/2 inch long, dark green cukes. This is the most expensive seed we'v [more info..]

Carolina Cross Watermelon

Price: $1.99
It took years of intensive breeding and selection to produce one of the world's largest watermelons but here it is! Carolina Cross Watermelons are del [more info..]

Stella D'Oro Daylily

Price: $11.98
Dwarf, everblooming variety with multitudes of dainty, canary-yellow flowers. By far one of the best daylilies available. The Stella D&rsquo;Oro dayli [more info..]
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