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Aftershave LotionShaving Soap

Aftershave - Amber

Price: $19.50
Amber After Shave Cologne combines the clean, natural, woodsy essence of a great after shave cologne.4-Oz bottle.

Aftershave Balm - Almond

Price: $19.50
Colonel (Col.) Conk Almond Aftershave Balm moisturizes and soothes with the masculine scent of almond. 4-oz bottle.

Lime Aftershave

Price: $19.50
Lime Scented Aftershave by Colonel Conk is a light, fresh lime based fragrance. 4-Oz Bottle.

Bay Rum Aftershave

Price: $19.50
Bay Rum Aftershave cologne by Colonel Conk is a tropical aroma of natural bay leaves and Jamaican rum. 4-Oz Bottle.

Shaving Soap - Almond

Price: $3.70
The Colonel never disappoints. This shaving soap's rich lather leaves your skin and beard clean, smooth, and supple. 2.25 ounce bar in an exotic almon [more info..]

Shaving Soap - Lime, Glycerine

Price: $3.70
The Colonel's lime scented glycerin shaving soap is perfect for the gent with sensitive skin. 2.25 ounce bar in a fresh, pleasing lime almond fragranc [more info..]

Shaving Soap - Almond, in Watertight Container

Price: $7.20
Don't leave home without the Colonel's exotic almond-scented shaving soap, packaged in its own watertight travel container. This 2.25 ounce bar will l [more info..]

Shaving Soap - Amber, Glycerine 'Super Shave Bar'

Price: $5.70
Original amber-scented Colonel Conk has gone super-size!Enjoy the Colonel's gentle glycerin soap - and the rich lather and smooth shaves it produces - [more info..]

Shaving Soap - Bay Rum

Price: $3.70
All the quality you've grown to expect from Colonel Conk shaving soaps, with a masculine bay rum fragrance! Rich lather leaves your skin and beard cle [more info..]

Shaving Soap - Amber, Glycerine

Price: $3.70
Masculine yet sensitive! Colonel Conk's gentle, moisturizing glycerin soap will baby your sensitive skin, and the traditional amber fragrance will sur [more info..]

Shaving Soap - Almond 'Super Shave Bar'

Price: $5.70
Your favorite Colonel Conk almond-scented soap is now available in a super-sized bar. Enjoy the Colonel's gentle glycerin-based soap, and the rich lat [more info..]

Shaving Soap - Country Uncle Select

Price: $3.50
You'll love Country Uncle's hypoallergenic shaving soap. More than 40 percent of each bar is luxurious moisturizers, including natural aloe vera and l [more info..]

Shaving Soap - Country Uncle Glycerine

Price: $3.50
Sensitive skin You, too, can enjoy a smooth, comfortable shave with no razor burn! Country Uncle enriches this shaving soap with 40 percent moisturize [more info..]

Shaving Soap - Country Uncle Deluxe

Price: $3.50
Tough beards are no match for Country Uncle's deluxe shaving soap! More than 40 percent of each hypoallergenic bar is moisturizing agents, such as lan [more info..]

Hans Baier Shaving Soap - Olive

Price: $17.95
Allergic to most soaps, fragrances and dyes Extend an olive branch to your sensitive skin and benefit from smooth, close shaves with no irritation! Ha [more info..]

Arko Shaving Cream Stick

Price: $2.25
Compact and inexpensive, the Arko shaving cream stick is perfect for travel. You'll like it enough to use it at home, too. Simply wet the stick and ap [more info..]

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