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Merkur Travel Razor with Teeth

Price: $50.00
No need to look road-weary. Enjoy your signature close shave on the road with this high-quality Merkur razor with teeth. Ideal for men with thick hair [more info..]

Razor Blades Merkur - Moustache & Eyebrow

Price: $4.25
Package of 10 replacement blades for Merkur's Moustache & Eyebrow razors (also available). Tapered blade easily provides expert trimming. High-qua [more info..]

Merkur Standard Safety Razor

Price: $40.00
Enjoy the quality of a Merkur safety razor in a sturdy, attractive bar-chrome finish. This razor features a 3" handle and uses standard double-edged r [more info..]

Merkur Chrome Bar Heavy Duty Safety Razor

Price: $57.50
A classic Merkur chrome-bar razor, this product shaves close without causing razor burn. Bar razors are excellent for men with tough or heavy beard gr [more info..]

Merkur Brushed-chrome Double-track Razor

Price: $60.00
Soft brushed chrome handle offers low-key elegance in a top-quality safety razor from Merkur. Slide on "track 2" style blades or use the included adap [more info..]

Merkur Gold-plated Double-track Razor

Price: $71.00
The sleek gold-plated handle on this beautiful top-quality Merkur safety razor will give you pleasure every morning, not to mention a smooth, close sh [more info..]

Merkur Chrome Moustache & Eyebrow Razor

Price: $32.50
The tapered blade on this high-quality safety razor makes it easy to expertly trim your moustache and eyebrows. You will easily be able to access thos [more info..]

Merkur Vision 2000 Razor

Price: $183.00
An instant classic, the Vision razor was well worth the years of research behind its unique design. Featuring Merkur's unique adjustable head, the raz [more info..]

Merkur Travel Safety Razor with Bar

Price: $51.00
Don't leave home without this classic, collapsible Merkur razor with a bar. Enjoy your signature close shave anywhere you find yourself. Chrome razor [more info..]

Merkur Double Edged Stainless Razor Blades -10 Blades

Price: $8.35
Stock up on high-quality Merkur blades to go with your safety razor (many styles available). Merkur's blades will outlast and outperform the competiti [more info..]

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Price: $44.00
Our answer for big and tall men with large hands! This razor gives you excellent control and grip, providing a smooth shave every time. This 4" razor' [more info..]

Merkur Safety Razor with teeth - Chrome Finish

Price: $36.50
Merkur quality paired with teeth to attack the thickest beard and provide a close shave. Beautiful chrome finish means you can have both top performan [more info..]

Merkur Polished Chrome Double Track Razor

Price: $60.00
Shiny polished chrome razor is both eye-catching and high-performing. Enjoy the feel of a top-quality Merkur safety razor with each morning's shave. R [more info..]

Merkur Gold-plated Moustache & Eyebrow Razor

Price: $38.25
Expertly trim your moustache and eyebrows with this beautiful gold-plated razor. The tapered blade allows you to easily shape those hard-to-reach area [more info..]

Giesen & Forsthoff Straight Razor - 5/8" with Black Handle

Price: $82.50
Generations of quality are the hallmark of Giesen & Forsthoff blades. This affordable 5/8" straight razor features a carbon steel blade and a dura [more info..]

Country Uncle Mach-3 Razor - White

Price: $12.95
Classic beauty combines with comfort. Matte finish white-and-chrome razor handle uses Mach-3 blades. Blades are not included but are available at any [more info..]
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