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AIR OPTIX AQUA Contact Lenses

Brand: Ciba Vision
List Price: $42.48
Price: $33.99
AIR OPTIX AQUA breathable contact lenses deliver an advanced combination of oxygen and moisture for a healthy, natural feeling.

Avaira Contact Lenses

Brand: CooperVision
List Price: $23.73
Price: $18.99
Avaira contacts are made from a unique material that attracts and binds water within the lens itself, keeping them moist and comfortable without the n [more info..]


Brand: Ciba Vision
List Price: $72.48
Price: $57.99
AIR OPTIX NIGHT & DAY AQUA natural vision means complete day-to-day freedom - no daily insertion and removal, no cleaning and no lens care product exp [more info..]

Biofinity Toric Contact Lenses

Brand: CooperVision
List Price: $62.48
Price: $49.99
Biofinity Toric lenses are naturally wettable and feature a soft, low modulus material for great comfort and high oxygen transmission, ensuring health [more info..]

Lens Catcher Sink Strainer

Brand: General
List Price: $4.93
Price: $3.95
The Contact Lens Drain guard lies at the base of your sink and prevents lenses (along with jewelry and other small items) from falling down the drain [more info..]

FreshLook COLORS Contact Lenses

Brand: Ciba Vision
List Price: $59.98
Price: $47.99
FreshLook creates natural, dramatic eye color changes to dark eyes. Frequent replacement provides superior comfort and convenience. For examples of co [more info..]

Biomedics toric Contact Lenses

Brand: CooperVision
List Price: $43.73
Price: $34.99
Biomedics Toric is the benchmark standard hydrogel lens for patients who need correction for astigmatism and a two-week replacement schedule.

Polarized Sunglasses for Babies - Solid

Brand: Babiators
List Price: $49.93
Price: $39.95
Grab a pair of Polarized Babiators for your little jet-setter! Does your little princess put everything in her mouth besides peas and carrots Go ahead [more info..]

Splaqua Clear Prescription Swimming Goggles

Brand: Splaqua
List Price: $37.43
Price: $29.95
Splish Splash in your new colorful Splaqua Goggles! Our large selection of Splaqua Goggles come in a variety of vivid, tropical colors. Whether you ar [more info..]

Sheadog Head Set Compatible Gamer Glasses

Brand: Gunnar
List Price: $88.75
Price: $71.00
The Gunnar Sheadog computer glasses ergonomically fit a wide range of face shapes with its reduced height, but still delivers full coverage performanc [more info..]

Zoobug Spy age 6-8 Prescription Eyeglasses

Brand: Zoobug
List Price: $61.25
Price: $49.00
The Zoobug Spy is the perfect frame for your little secret agent! Perfect for girls or boys this style is fun yet smart. The Spy has a retro vibe with [more info..]


Brand: Proof
List Price: $118.75
Price: $95.00
Part of Proof's wood collection, the Bud is nothing short of amazing! Handcrafted using only the finest sustainably sourced wood, the Bud is one of th [more info..]

MLG Phantom Gaming Glasses

Brand: Gunnar
List Price: $88.75
Price: $71.00
The MLG Phantom is the ultimate gaming glasses. Boasting the second largest lens coverage in the ESPORT series, its highly wrapped configuration and h [more info..]

PPK Video Gaming and Computer Glasses

Brand: Gunnar
List Price: $88.75
Price: $71.00
Choose precision with Gunnar PPK. Built with the patented lens technology, PPK helps you overpower those endurance sessions in front of the digital sc [more info..]

1-DAY ACUVUE TruEye 90 Pack Contact Lenses

Brand: Johnson & Johnson
List Price: $87.48
Price: $69.99
Designed to help maintain the natural ocular environment, it contains a balance of properties that enables it to offer exceptional comfort, comparable [more info..]

Austin Reed AR T03 Prescription Eyeglasses

Brand: Austin Reed
List Price: $87.46
Price: $69.97
Focusing on key elements from Austin Reed's proud 113-year history, the optical range from Austin Reed features quintessential detailing such as timel [more info..]
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