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Smithsonian Prehistoric 5pc. Dinosaur Set

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $19.99
The Smithsonian Prehistoric Animal and Dinosaur Collection includes 3 dinosaurs, a tree and a mammoth that comes alive with sound when you lower his h [more info..]

Smithsonian Motor-Works Kit

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $39.99
Build a working model of a 4-cylinder engine. Valves rock, spark plugs fire and Pistons drive the crankshaft. Screws together and is easy to build. In [more info..]

Smithsonian Crystal Growing

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $15.99
Electronic crystal growing. Watch your crystals grow as you learn about crystal structures and crystalline habitats. Includes: magnifying glass, goggl [more info..]

Smithsonian Solar Powered Eco Space

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $39.99
This fun and educational Smithsonian Solar Powered Eco Space set allows you to build 3 solar-powered, space-themed projects including a Robo-Dog, Spac [more info..]

Smithsonian Giant Volcano

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $15.99
Lava grows in full color in the dark, powered by oglo charges with any light glows super bright. Study the differences between 6 different types of vo [more info..]

Smithsonian 3D Hanging/Glowing Solar System

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $33.99
This 3D hanging/glowing solar system is the perfect accessory for your little astronauts room. It Includes the sun and 8 planets with hooks and cord f [more info..]

Smithsonian Microscope Kit

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $24.99
The Smithsonian 150x, 450x, and 900x microscope kit is ideal for budding scientists! View microscopic specimens at up to 900x actual size! The set inc [more info..]

Smithsonian Classic Rock Tumbler

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $59.99
With the Smithsonian classic rock tumbler, you can change rough stones into beautiful high luster gemstones! Set includes: rock tumbler machine, rough [more info..]

Smithsonian Optics Telescope & Microscope Set

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $39.99
Discover Earth, astronomy, and biology with the Smithsonian Optics telescope and microscope kit. The microscope features three prepared slides and bla [more info..]

Smithsonian Remote Control T-Rex

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $29.99
You can now control your own dinosaur with the Smithsonian remote control t-rex. The t-rex features soft, flexible skin and built in speaker with digi [more info..]

Smithsonian Telescope & Tabletop Tripod

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $34.99
The Smithsonian 40mm refractor telescope and aluminum table top tripod lets your young scientist explore Earth and space! This is perfect for star tra [more info..]

Smithsonian Crystal Growing Kit

Brand: Smithsonian
Price: $32.99
The Smithsonian electronic crystal growing kit allows you to grow your own amazing large crystals, crystal clusters, crystal geodes and more! The kit [more info..]

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